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10 spots in Paris to have a picnic.

We are taking advantage of the beging of summer and we recommend this places to picnic with your friends, as a family or by yourself.




Roger Fry

Perched on the top of the Montmartre hill, just behind the Sacré Coeur basilica we find the  Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet square, also called Parc de la Turlure due to the windmill that used to be on these grounds until 1820. This small park now offers an incredible view of the Sacré Coeur, away from the hordes of tourists who come to visit it. Without a doubt, the best picnic spot in Montmartre.
Small but with the advantage of being well hidden and intimate.


Le Marais


The Place des Vosges is one of the most beautiful (if not the most beautiful) squares in Paris. It is also the oldest since it was built in 1612. Many famous people, including the author Victor Hugo (“The Hunchback of Notre Dame”), have lived here. The small park is surrounded by beautiful brick walls and limestone buildings, making it a magical place for an afternoon picnic.
Outside the square you find many food stands where you can buy a quiche or a sandwich and eat it either on a bench or on the grass next to the fountain.


You can take the opportunity to visit the William Klein expo at the Polka Gallery 2 minutes from this place, more info aquí.




Christophe Williart

What makes Buttes Chaumont so special is its design, for me it is so aesthetic, my favourite. Hills, artificial lakes, waterfalls and a high vantage point in the middle that compensates for its lack of history and surrounding monuments. Located in the northeastern part of Paris, it attracts a young and brilliant Parisian public. A picnic on the mountainous slopes of Buttes Chaumont is a true Parisian experience, far from the classic tourist areas.
The best area is the top because of the great view of Paris. The bar restaurant Rosa Bonheur is next to this spot and here you can buy a bottle of rose and a plate of meat and cheese to take to your picnic. Later in the night you can continue the party in this place until 12 pm.

Rosa Bonheur


At the outskirts of Paris.


Brigitte WITH

Bois de Boulogne and Bois de Vincennes are the 2 largest parks on the outskirts of Paris. Enter the interior of the park and you will really have the feeling to be somewhere away from a busy city. A great area if you want to experience something new and to make it a romantic picnic, why not have it in a rowboat in the middle of the lakes? You will have to be well equipped as you have to walk a lot to find an epicerie or a supermarket where to buy food and drinks. There are small stores inside but they take advantage of being a few and the prices are absurd for my taste.


Kilometres of pavement to sit on the edge of the canal



Another very Parisian place to go on a picnic is on the banks of the Canal Saint-Martin (and further north, the Canal de l’Ourcq). Groups of young people gather around, usually with a guitar or some type of percussion and just eat and enjoy the sun. This promising neighbourhood is becoming increasingly popular for its typically Parisian atmosphere. There are many epiceries around, bars, boulangeries and fromageries, which makes it perfect for the implement. Buy your cheese, your bottle of red wine, your baguette and let yourself be carried away by the coolness of this place.


Next to the Louvre


Martin Lindenau

It may be one of the most popular and well-known places but this does not take away from the beauty of its gardens. The Parisians and many office workers come to this place to rest. Metal chairs are available throughout the garden, you may accommodate wherever we want. The tradition is to seat around the fountain or to contemplate the flowers gardens. Being so central, there are many places to buy food on the go. We can find museum Jeu de Paume at the end of the garden and its cafeteria Hana Bento that sells Japanese food (bentos) to take away, not a bad idea to have a bento since you are in one of the chicest places in Paris.


In the 19 éme on the side of the canal


Stanislas Lépine

A family park, young, full of artists and people doing tai chi, dancing, playing the drums, etc. This places and its cultural activities has become very fashionable. It may be that the vegetation and facilities that are not as romantic and historical as the others but the advantage is the vast space, easy access to a supermarket and the number of activities they offer while they spend the day sunbathing. Boats are rented and you are able to take your picnic along while you are going up and down the canal.


Rive Gauche

Aimé- Venel

Aimé Venel

Overlooking the Luxembourg Palace. This is a perfect place to eat bread and cheese quietly under the shade of a tree. There is not much space on the lawn but there are many wooden benches available. The park has its own bathrooms (with an assistant so they are always clean) for the of 50 cents. The atmosphere in the park is wonderful and although several tourists frequent the park, most of those who picnic are locals. A tip: it can be a very busy place, so get there early to make sure you have a place.


17 éme


Florent Haentjens

For the children. There are many small parks in Paris, but if we had to choose one, it would be the Square des Batignolles, for its charm and beauty. Located in the picturesque district of Batignolles, this square has green spaces perfect for a family picnic. A pond with ducks and geese that will surely entertain the children!


Behind the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris


Paul Signac

There are many places near the banks of the Seine that are perfect for an evening picnic, but the Quai des Tournelles is without doubt one of the best. You can not beat the view which is the back of the Notre Dame Cathedral. The constant passage of boats that come and go in the Seine river is also very entertaining full of drunken tourists who will try to say hello each time they pass, especially at sunset. If it is a very touristy spot but just have a glass of wine wait for the sun to go down and then go out to dinner. Perfect to let time pass and to admire the splendour of Paris.


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