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A visit to the studio of Mexican artist Yanieb Fabre in Paris.

Yanieb Fabre’s work navigates in the antipodal limits of the irrational and the rational, of the representation and interpretation of the wild instinct, the impulses, and the imaginary. The artist tells us herself: “My work lays on the fine line that divides the A letter to the B letter”.    The Encounter  Drawing, painting, experimental…


Mauricio Limón “Le premier qui rira” @InstitutCulturelduMexique Paris

Child’s play, Mexican puns, shapes and colours fill the entire exhibition of Mexican artist Mauricio Limón de Léon at the Instituto Cultural de México in París.   Until October 29th.     We had the pleasure to meet Marco Calderón, curator, doctoral student, and artist, and talked about his and artist Mauricio Limón’s trajectory. Currently, on…


Gabriel de la Mora, Park Seo-Bo & Josh Sperling @Galerie Perrotin Paris.

Three contemporary artists exhibit at the mythical Galerie Perrotin in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.  This exhibition reunites three international artists who have three common topics: chromatic, material and visual effects. Each floor of the gallery is impregnated with the style of each artist without allowing any resemblance between their techniques.   Gabriel de la Mora…


Francis Bacon “Bacon en toutes lettres” @CentrePompidou Paris.

  Deformations, myths and philosophy take over this sound exhibition at the Pompidou Center with the works of the indispensable Francis Bacon.   Until January 20, 2020 Spanish below     I discovered Bacon’s work through Lucian Freud. Friends and enemies, the two great modern artists of British art who challenged the artistic movements of…


”Sur la route du Tokaido” @MuséeGuimet Paris.

An exceptional travel diary that transports us to the east coast of Japan through the Tokaido route, the most imposing crossing of the Edo era (1603-1868) that links the imperial capital Kyoto to Edo (Tokyo) capital of Shogun. Scroll for Spanish Until October 7, 2019     Thanks to the acquisition of an album of…

“Éclater Les Apparences” by Mexican filmmaker Teo Hernández @Villa Vassilieff Paris.

The Villa Vassilieff art and creation center located in the Montparnasse area presents an exhibition dedicated to the experimental cinema of the Mexican filmmaker Teo Hernández. The exhibition is curated by Mexican Andrea Ancira.   Until the 27th of April. Español abajo   NUESTRA SEÑORA DE PARIS  by Teo HERNANDEZ  (1981-1982 / Super 8mm / color /…