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Kiki Smith @La Monnaie de Paris.

The first solo show of this American artist in Paris. Her fairytale-like artworks are a soft reminder of what happens when the human body is set free and wild into nature.   Until Feb 09, 2020 Español abajo     More than one hundred works of the artist are on exhibition in the Monnaie de…


“Futur, ancien, fugitif Une scène française” @Palais de Tokyo Paris.

This Autumn Palais de Tokyo brings together a group of artists from the French art scene.   Until 05/01/2020 Artists born between the 1930s and the 1990s, but who live and work always, in and with their times.   CARLOTTA BAILLY-BORG – www.carlottabaillyborg.com  et ADRIEN VESCOVI www.ceyssonbenetiere.com   Palais de Tokyo has turned into a…


Stefan Rinck, To eat or be eaten @Semiose Paris

This art show will take you back to the stone age or maybe to the pre hispanic era where stones had life and soul. español abajo Until October 5 2019     Stefan Rinck’s world of creatures took me back in time, when I was a little girl back in the parks of Mexico city…

7 day road trip through Ireland without internet.

I tried to disconnect from Social Media and the Internet for 7 days while travelling through Ireland.   Español abajo Everything written is my experience and my humble opinion on this path that I chose to get to know myself better and to be able to live a full and peaceful life.     The…


5 top expos not to miss this summer in Paris.

There are still plenty of things to do in Paris during August. We ha narrowed down the best art and photography exhibitions that are open until the end of summer in Paris.     Scroll for Spanish   1) “City Prince/sses” 5 megacities @Palais de Tokyo. Until 08/09/2019 – Read More Here   W  …


Bernard Frize @Galerie Perrotin Paris & @Centre Pompidou Paris.

We have met with one of the most important artists of the last 40 years. His work has helped shape the language of pictorial abstraction.   Bernard Frize, a French artist, became known at the end of the 70s thanks to his layers of paint, his coating technique, the use of colours and the manipulation…