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Guillaume Dégé “Un grain de moutarde” @Semiose Paris

Learn about the work of a French artist who has immersed himself in the world of traditional Chinese painting to create figures that seem suspended in time and space with the sole purpose of being beautiful.   Unitl 11th Januaray español abajo     THE EXPERIENCE A mustard seed (the title) is inspired by the book…


“Stories at Campfire” by Kim Simonsson @Galerie NeC Paris.

Meet the Finnish-Swedish sculptor Kim Simonsson and its ceramic creatures that seem to become alive when one is looking.   Until 27 – 04 Español abajo   I first met with the work of Kim Simonsson by accident, walking by one evening in the streets of Paris I saw a creature standing on a table…


Alphonse MUCHA @Musée Du Luxembourg Paris.

Meet the work of a poster artist that in the 1990s made the streets of Paris look like art open-air galleries.   Español abajo       Mucha was born in Ivančice, he became famous in 1895 in Paris, with Gismonda, his first poster for Sarah Bernhard, the greatest actress of the time. He soon…

“Radio Vinci Park” by Théo Mercier & François Chaignaud.

Théo Mercier & François Chaignaud next show will take place at La Maison de la Musique the 12 & 13 of September.   With the bike of stuntman Cyril Bourny‘s, Marie-Pierre Brébant’s harpsichord and François Chaignaud’s impossible numbers of charms associated with Théo MERCIER‘s licked leg: between fight and seduction, between song and cry of desire,…