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Cine experimental mexicano @ L’Etna en Montreuil este martes 19 de marzo.

De l’autre côté : cinéma expérimental mexicain. Proyección única y excepcional!   19 de Marzo de 20h a 23h Entrada libre, solo piden traer algo para beber o comer.  Una selección de películas experimentales mexicanas, contemporáneas e históricas, presentada por el cineasta y programador, miembro del Laboratorio Experimental de Cine (laboratorio de cine independiente), Daniel…


“Stories at Campfire” by Kim Simonsson @Galerie NeC Paris.

Meet the Finnish-Swedish sculptor Kim Simonsson and its ceramic creatures that seem to become alive when one is looking.   Until 27 – 04 Español abajo   I first met with the work of Kim Simonsson by accident, walking by one evening in the streets of Paris I saw a creature standing on a table…

A visit to the Frac Grand Large @Dunkerque.

Contemporary art is to be found in the most remote and unusual places in France. This Frac has the most amazing cultural center in de middle of what used to be a war zone, a place where many lost their lives.   The Frac re-opens on May 4 2019 Español abajo     T   …


“Tableaux 1989 – 2019” de Philippe Mayaux @Galerie Loevenbruck Paris.

In this shop of horrors is were Philippe forms his series of paintings, a shop habited by perverted trees and lonley creatures, corrupted souls and explicit objects.   01.02.2019 – 13.04.2019 Español abajo     Once again, he seems to adore what everyone hates and, exonerating himself of any concept, he is driven by a…