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“FIAC” 2018 @Grand Palais Paris.

This is was one of the best art experiences of my career. The FIAC is big, but you really can enjoy it if you manage to let go and concentrate on the art.


This is the first year we are invited to the FIAC as journalists, this meant we could enter and leave the Grand Palais as we pleased. This art fair is one the best and biggest in Europe, it holds more than 193 art galleries all around the world. It is no easy task to take in that much information in one day, so  I decided to go 4 days in a row and each day I became more in tune with the art, the information started to sink in with is each step. I felt lost in a jungle of wonders, I disconnected from the people around me and put my mind and soul into the art and the artists. Coming back each day to see my favourites booths and to visit the artist that most spoke to me. Sometimes I went alone, the other times I was accompanied by one of the girls whom helped me see things from a different point of view. For me, it was a very fulfilling experience. I learned so much so fast. Realizing how much you can relate to an artist and how they explain the moments that you live each day in your  life that shape our paths,  gave me the chills.

So basically this article is more in relation to my current life, the artists and Galleries that I like have a lot to do with who I am and where I want to go at this moment.

I did at some point felt naked. How could a person that I have never met reach so deep inside me? I guess this is what art is really about. I am not an art specialist. I am an artist and in each booth at the Fiac I just let my self go into the works presented, and as an artist and simple person, this is how I lived it:



8  0  m  2      L   I   V   I   A      B  E  N  A  V  I  D  E  S  –  Líma
Feature work by Rita Poncé de Léon 

In Livia’s booth, the colours are what immediately grab my attention, but the best part of the exhibit is that Rita made this for us, so that we could play inside it. The visitors are able to move the wooden boards around and play with them while they look at her amazing artwork. This gave such a lightness to an art fair full of important art, very much needed. Her drawings seem quite minimalistic to the eye but they are charged with emotions, things you could feel right away, very beautiful.



Pictures courtesy of Gallery 80m2 Livia Benavides

Malecón Pazos 252, Barranco

Lima, Perú

D  O  C  U  M  E  N  T – Chicago
Features work by Paul Mpagi Sepuya.

We have seen Paul Mpagi Sepuya’s work before at the FOAM museum in Amsterdam (until the 18th of November). The artwork that Document had from him I had not seen before, but to be honest I felt a sense of comfort having known his work and feeling him all over again, very personal, very connected to my feelings of sexual-duality in a very classy way. I suggest you invest some time in this artists’work.


Pictures courtesy of Gallery Document


1709 W Chicago Avenue

Chicago, IL 60622

E  L   L  E  N    D  E    B  R  U  I  J  N  E    P  R  O  J  E  C  T  S – Amsterdam

Features work by Mauricio Limón de Léon.

Finally a Mexican artist. Without having seen Mauricio’s work we went directly to his wooden objects of art. He felt so organic and in touch with the earth but at the same time keeping this contemporary aesthetic in his work. He is so familiar but at the same time so ethnic and pure in his technic. We would love to see more Mexican artists like him letting go of the folklore without letting go of their heritage.



  1. A set of nonverbal fantasies (Stick), 2018  2. Symbols of enjoyment (pending), 2018 3. A set of nonverbal fantasies (Sudden expulsions), 2017.

Pictures courtesy of Gallery Ellen de Bruijne Projects

Singel 372

1016 AH Amsterdam

The Netherlands

G  R  E  E  N    A  R  T – Dubai
Features work by Artists Ana Mazzei and Chaouki Choukini.

The first time I visited this booth was thanks to my friend and colleague Yupanqui Ramos, she was very touched by the woodwork of both artists and loved the way the pieces where presented. In a way I could see her in some of the artwork, especially by Chaouki Choukini. He used very beautiful pieces of solid wood to make these very elaborate and poetic art sculptures that stood almost as totems but with incredible technique and respect to the wood and it’s natural colours. In combination with Brasilian artist Ana Mazzei, the pieces seem to be falling in love with each other but knowing that they would never lose their own identity.

Chaouki Choukins’ studio is here in Paris and It can be visited with the artists’ permission.



  1. Chaouki Choukin, Crépuscule, 2017.  2. Anna Mezzei, Hypnosis I/II, 2018

Pictures courtesy of Green Art Gallery




M  E  Z  Z  A  N  I  N – Geneva
Features work by Artist Thomas Bayrle.

I am very into skulls, so it is no surprise that I was attracted to this booth. As you take a closer look to all the hard work Thomas puts into them you began to find nice surprises you see hidden inside each painting. I have always admired the use of repetition by hand, show the determination and level of concentration of the artist. The skulls give such a texture that you can only admire the amount of time he must have spent.



  1. Thomas Bayrle – Verdum / Smell of Death 2015,  2. Thomas Bayrle – Hells Angels 2018.

Pictures courtesy of Gallery Mezzanin

Galerie Mezzanin Geneva

Karin Handlbauer

63, rue des Maraîchers

CH-1205 Geneva



N  O  G U  E  R A  S    B  L  A  N  C  H  A  R  D – Madrid & Barcelona

Features work by Perejaume.

My attention was drawn to this booth because of a picture they published in one of the first articles we ever wrote about an exhibit by Leandro Elrich at Le Bonne Marché. My connection to this booth was immediate. As I looked around I met Perejaume, a Catalan artist from the 80s’. His collages reminded me of a simpler life.  They brought a comfortable feeling inside me with their harmony of colours and textures. I am very into photo collage these days. I then learned that Leandro Elrich was presenting a series of short films at Jeu de Paume related to the current exhibition we just visited of Ana  Mendieta on the 13th of November



  1. Leandro Erlich, Silver Pool, 2018  2. Perejaume, Tres postals, 1983.

Pictures courtesy of Gallery Nogueras Blanchard

Galerie Noruegas Blanchard


Doctor Fourquet, 4

28012 Madrid, España



L     A     B    O    R –  México

Features work by Robert White

A Mexican gallery that represents Robert White, an American artist who is both a painter and writer. The interesting thing about this booth was the simplicity and the warmth that his paintings emanate with its pastel colours. Mirror paintings and simple objects of daily life, everything in harmony, something very innocent about his pieces filled us with tranquillity and calm.


  1. Ainfrathin 2017  2. Toilet, 2018  3. LED, 2017.

Pictures courtesy of Gallery Labor

Francisco Ramírez #5
Col. Daniel Garza
Miguel Hidalgo 11830
Ciudad de México



E    S     T    H    E    R       S    C    H    I    P    P    E    R – Berlin

Features work by Ann Veronica Janssens

On the bottom floor right in the centre of the Fiac, we found  Ann Veronica Janssens, I first met her  in 2016 at the Fiac and remember I was impressed by the manipulation of colours, light and materials which turned it all so beautiful. We had the good fortune to go past by this booth just when the sun was above the exhibit which made the colours of the pieces, which were only water and materials with colours change. It was irresolvable because depending on the vibrations that people made just by  walking by added to the clouds in the sky this transparent cube changed color. The most intense moment being when the color reflected all around us. We took several photos and videos just playing around with the pieces. This is definitely an artist that you need to meet. This Gallery also represents Tomás Saraceno who is currently having a solo exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo. Read the article: www.loscontemporaneos.fr/on-air-carte-blanche-a-tomas-saraceno-palais-de-tokyo-paris



Pictures courtesy of Gallery Esther Schipper

Photos by Andrea Rossetti

Potsdamer Strasse 81E, Berlin



F    R    A    N    K       E    L    B    A    Z –  Paris – USA

Features work by Sheila Hicks

Sheila is another interesting artist. I first heard about her thanks to one the girls from this blog. We went together to see her exhibition at the Centre Pompidou. The galerie frank elbaz collaborated with this museum and gathered many of her best artworks. She really is great, the way she manipulates the strings of wool, cotton and tissue are breathtaking. At 84 years old she still manages to give beauty to the world. I find her exceptional and we enjoyed this booth thoroughly . We did see some other pieces from her around the Fiac but it was very nice to see a solo show of this amazing woman and to learn that she was inspired by Latin-America and learned the techniques of native weavers. What an artist! Read the article about Centre Pompidou and Sheila Hicks:  www.loscontemporaneos.fr/fin-de-semana-en-el-centro-pompidou



Pictures courtesy of galerie frank elbaz

66 rue de Turenne
75003 Paris – France

136 Glass Street
Dallas, TX 75207 – USA

FIAC, installation view, galerie frank elbaz, Paris, 2018
Photo: Sebastiano Pellion



V   I   C   T   O   R   I   A        M   I   R   O – London – Venice
Features work by Grayson Perry

I love English artists, Grayson has a very unique street style to his art that gives us such a strong and cool look without losing its aesthetic intentions. I liked how he managed to integrate his point of view about our society into the artwork and it was clear what he wanted to communicate. Grayson Perry has a solo presentation at La Monnaie de ParisBe sure not miss our posts because an article about this expo is on its way!



Pictures courtesy of Gallery Victoria-Miro

16 Wharf Road
London N1 7RW






We would like to thank all the Galleries and the members for their help and kindness in getting this article done.

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