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Kikk 2018 digital and creative cultures festival @Belguim.

We recently visited Namur in Belguim that hosts one the best digital and creative culture festivals in Europe.


This is why we LOVE IT:

The world and its businesses are constantly in movement and change, that we know, but how to get on this non-stopping train where  people seem very comfortable and successful riding it. There are moments when it seems so big and heavy. Personally I am going through one of those moments. I have been working on my dream project for quite some time and things are not going the way I planned, they are shifting and changing constantly. I find myself trying to adapt and make the most of it situation but sometimes it can be quite so overwhelming that it makes me want to quit. I am not sure where I belong. Creativity and inspiration come and go and sometimes fear overtakes it all. To find comfort and understanding in other peoples experiences has helped me to strive to continue and thrive. Gatherings like this festival feed the mind and soul if you let them, if you accept yours situation or if you are willing to do whatever it takes to not  give up. Each time I go to Kikk festival I feel like my batteries have been charged. I love my job. I love the job I am creating. Thank you all for the inspiration.

Here are some of the best free conferences that took place during the first two days of the festival. These speakers are amongst the best of the digital, creative and artistic world:


S    T    E    F    A    N    I    E       P    O    S    A    V    E    C

Observe, collect, draw! : Documenting the world using data.


Stefanie Posavec is a designer and artist for whom data is her favoured material, with projects ranging from data visualization, book design, and information design to commissioned artworks.

The conference was focused on one project she recently did with art director Giorgia Lupi “Dear Data”, that is currently in exhibition at the MOMA in N.Y.

I never heard of the idea of collecting personal data by drawing, transforming your everyday life into a work of art. I was really impressed by the creativity and choice of figures to express this información. I am starting my data collection today!






D   B    L   G



Started in 2007 by Grant Gilbert, DBLG is a London based award winning creative agency specialising in innovative visual communication, brand design and animation. They bring imaginative brands to life across spaces, places, screens and everything in between.

This is another example of how side projects and just fooling around with our talents and curiosity can lead to great ideas. In his conference Grant shows us the fun part and the hard work there is to achieve a goal. We are often presented with tools and creativity needs that are not so easy to relate, but with time and through experimentation we can reach great ideas and make things work in admirable ways. Challenges are opportunities to grow and explore beyond our comfort zones.





M    E    D    I    A        M    O    N    K    S



Fran Marquez is an art & animation director at MediaMonks. From Madrid to the monastery, Fran’s multi-pronged prowess makes him a creative force in a diverse set of design disciplines from stop motion to 3D animation.

I first heard about MediaMonks in Amsterdam around the time Google celebrated its 20th anniversary. People were talking about this project since it clearly resembled many different styles and technics of art & animation. Each frame is a different world but in harmony with each other. When Fran mentioned how the side projects in MediaMonks worked it was clear that they have a pot of gold, because when you mix talent, technique, passion and freedom (with a light and coherent set of rules) the outcome is incredible. I can only imagine what it is like to work in this environment where you are surrounded by the best and it’s your own creative personality that will make you stand out, you need to give your best and you are more than happy to.

Google Doodle 20th Anniversary from MediaMonks Animation.





F    E    N    N    Y       O    D    E    L    L



Jenny Odell is an Oakland-based writer, visual artist, and ocasional  birdwatcher whose work often involves the rewards of close observation.

It was clear what Fenny meant by;

My relationship with the “In-between” has been constant since I am always evolving, changing, trying new things and understanding others who do the same. We do follow similar paths because we exist and live on the same planet. Jenny finds herself and loses herself simultaneously. Not following rules or standards and still designing and responding to daily experience with design and interpretation.




W   A   S   T   O      D   G



Fernando Ramirez is an award-winning creative director and industry veteran. He founded Watson Design Group, an LA-based digital agency in 2005. He believes in innovation with a focus on design. Not considering that not having a plan can be very scary. In this conference, Fernando talks about how this kind of situations will always be present and that we will find moments of uncertainty and we need to fear it (because it is scary) but we also need to embrace them.






T    H    O    M    S    O    N       &        C    R    A    I    G    H    E    A    D



Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead make artworks that examine the changing socio-political structures of the Information Age. In particular, they have been looking at how the digital world is ever more closely connected to the physical world becoming a geographical layer in our collective sensorium.

What this couple does it is quite extraordinary, it is a way to use social media content to create art and link it to social-political issues just because you can and the information is available. It does give you a different perspective of the situation and use of information. We are constantly uploading material in this automatic manner, why not send it or recive it in a different way. In a more connected and organic way.  Their projects are outstanding and very intense, which is good that art questions understanding and meaning of things.


Screenshot 2018-11-05 16.37.11

www.thomson-craighead.net (I’m not sure if this website is my mistake or part of it all).



KIKK BE 2018


Every year every November for ever.

Namur, Belguim.


Photos by Isabelle Teran

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