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Kim Gordon: She bites her tender mind @IMMA Dublin.

IMMA presents a solo exhibition by legendary multi-disciplinary artist Kim Gordon. With a career spanning more than three decades, Gordon is one of the most prolific and groundbreaking artists today.

until 10 Nov 2019




She bites her tender mind features a series of new works including recent and previously unseen paintings, drawings, and ceramic sculptures, alongside a glitter installation and an immersive video projection.





I know about Kim Gordon thanks to her participation as a lead singer, guitarist and bass player in the rock band Sonic Youth. I first heard Sonic Youth on the back of my mothers’ car while she was driving the national freeway that goes from Mexico city to Morelos, listening to “Goo” on repeat.

I read her book “Girl in a Band” at a very special time in my life, learning about her struggle as women, not only in a rock band but in life, made me feel less alone in the world. It is one of my favourite books to binge read.





This time, even if her art is not what I like to see, I understood her work in this particular place and moment in her life. It felt familiar, like the 23-year-old rebel inside me came back to let go once again.

I have followed Kim go through her different experimental facets since I first met her and I love that she stays true to her self, not more pretentious than needed and always having fun. She likes to change, play, write, create and break. I believe she does things to please herself first.




Kim Gordon b.1953

Kim Gordon studied at the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles in the late 1970s and has continued to work as an artist since. Her first solo exhibition presented under the name ‘Design Office’ took place at New York’s White Columns in 1981


Royal Hospital Kilmainham
Dublin 8, D08 FW31, Ireland


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Tomorrow: 11:30am–5:30pm


Photos by Isabelle Teran courtesy of the IMMA Dublin