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Nina Childress “Lobody noves me” @Fondation d’entreprise Ricard Paris.

Here art is found satisfying a part of yourself, a part that you thought would never be exposed, this is what Nina’s work has done to me today.



Until March 28 2020

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Lately, I’m attracted to art that represents a different side of me, a side that has always been a bit hidden and now it is slowly coming out. This is because I am getting to know myself through the eyes of art and finding a relationship with the artists. My desires are being fulfilled. This is good and bad. Good because I know what I like and bad because it might be too personal for this art blog. I might someday talk about it. But today lets talk about art. As I surround myself with people who think the same as I do, this path is getting lighter.




Just a few steps from the L’iglise de la Madeleine in Paris, la Fondation de l’Entrepise Ricard takes the second floor of a building Haussmannian building. I did not expect such a personal vernissage, Eric Troncy, the commissioner, had a very curious connection with Nina and her work. I found that the paintings are incredibly displayed. One can go back and forward finding links between each of them without losing their own essences.




You can see by her work that she really enjoys painting and creating independent artworks. You can see how she plays with different styles, techniques, and references. But never she does not let go of her true style.

At the beginning I thought that I liked some more than others, seconds after, I changed my mind and now as I see the pictures I begin to see others that I like more. That is what Nina does, you can keep exploring her work and find more. This is an exhibition to be seen more than once. This is an artist that I will always follow because I’m sure she will keep on inspiring me in many different ways



Fondation d’enterprise Ricard

12 Rue Boissy d’Anglas, 75008 Paris

Horaires : 11AM to 7PM Tuesday to Saturday


Photographs by Isabelle Teran courtesy of Fondation de l'Entreprise Ricard and the artist.