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“Radio Vinci Park” by Théo Mercier & François Chaignaud.

Théo Mercier & François Chaignaud next show will take place at La Maison de la Musique the 12 & 13 of September.


With the bike of stuntman Cyril Bourny‘s, Marie-Pierre Brébant’s harpsichord and François Chaignaud’s impossible numbers of charms associated with Théo MERCIER‘s licked leg: between fight and seduction, between song and cry of desire, Radio Vinci Park is a true bitumen mythology.






The setting: A parking lot under the speed-way of Paris, we wait to be invited in.

The room, the intimacy, the objects, the music, music, music, more objects, the roses, shoes, photos, lamps, books, who? what? where? why? red.

The music.

Black motorcycle, black outfit, yellow neon light, stillness.

He, she, he, moves, rattles, breaths, runs.

The music.

He, all in black, remains still, overhead yellow neon light.

Dances, provokes, seduces, transpires, strength, sweat…the music.

My own experiences, my own, fantasies, my own desires, my co-dependency, my sensuality, my sexuality, my limits, my memories, I feel it is my story, I feel it could be everybody’s story, I remember in my skin that moment when I was pulled and pulled and pushed, further and further, the life and death cycle, tightrope of desire.

The music, the speedway.

The turning of the engine, the roaring, the turn on, turn on, turn on.

Lies…flat…on the floor.

Tatian Musi.com




Photos by Tatiana Musi except for cover photo by Erwan Fichou.


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