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“FIAC” 2018 @Grand Palais Paris.

This is was one of the best art experiences of my career. The FIAC is big, but you really can enjoy it if you manage to let go and concentrate on the art.   This is the first year we are invited to the FIAC as journalists, this meant we could enter and leave the Grand…

Masahisa Fukase “Private Scenes” @Foam in Amsterdam.

The life work of a Japanese post-war generation photographer that struggles with depression yet learns to manage it with humour through his photos.   Español abajo     Hokkaido 1934-2012 Ravens Fukase’s work remained private for years until 2014. He is famous for his work entitled Ravens a series of trips to his native Hokkaido,…

10 preguntas a Iván Torres @Bordeaux.

Conoce a IVÁN TORRES – Pintor mexicano   Iván Torres es un pintor mexicano que quiere compartir un punto de vista energético y positivo sobre la vida, la sensación, la emoción y la percepción de estar aquí y eso se siente en sus obras, en cada trazo transmite esa alegría a través de los colores….