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Inge Mahn @Galerie Max Hetzler Paris until 16 February.

Get to know the works of the German sculptor Inge Mahn, an artist who separates the objects through modelling, re-contextualization, subtraction and addition of materials.   Español abajo From January 10 to February 16, 2019.     T   H   E           E     X     P    E     R    I   …

“Bei Dao” at Gallerie Horizon 3 éme.

Bei Dao is one of the great poets of today,  now he brings his work: “Moment” to Paris. “When I find myself among the ink dots like a nebula, I feel a form of exultation, I gain inner peace and the opening of the heart.” -Dao.   Español abajo The Stroke Bei Dao suffered a…