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“Interlacing, a woven search” by Hella Jongerius @ Lafayette Anticipations Paris.

Lafayette has turned its space into a large fabric factory. Here, visitors are able to be part of the constant effort it takes to make these fabrics.   Español abajo Until 8 September 2019     This summer designer Helle Jongerius has taken over the Fondation d’Entreprise Galeries Lafayette. This project is a mixture of performative events and people…


Bernard Frize @Galerie Perrotin Paris & @Centre Pompidou Paris.

We have met with one of the most important artists of the last 40 years. His work has helped shape the language of pictorial abstraction.   Bernard Frize, a French artist, became known at the end of the 70s thanks to his layers of paint, his coating technique, the use of colours and the manipulation…