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“Stories at Campfire” by Kim Simonsson @Galerie NeC Paris.

Meet the Finnish-Swedish sculptor Kim Simonsson and its ceramic creatures that seem to become alive when one is looking.   Until 27 – 04 Español abajo   I first met with the work of Kim Simonsson by accident, walking by one evening in the streets of Paris I saw a creature standing on a table…


“Tableaux 1989 – 2019” de Philippe Mayaux @Galerie Loevenbruck Paris.

In this shop of horrors is were Philippe forms his series of paintings, a shop habited by perverted trees and lonley creatures, corrupted souls and explicit objects.   01.02.2019 – 13.04.2019 Español abajo     Once again, he seems to adore what everyone hates and, exonerating himself of any concept, he is driven by a…

“Éclater Les Apparences” by Mexican filmmaker Teo Hernández @Villa Vassilieff Paris.

The Villa Vassilieff art and creation center located in the Montparnasse area presents an exhibition dedicated to the experimental cinema of the Mexican filmmaker Teo Hernández. The exhibition is curated by Mexican Andrea Ancira.   Until the 27th of April. Español abajo   NUESTRA SEÑORA DE PARIS  by Teo HERNANDEZ  (1981-1982 / Super 8mm / color /…

“Scene” by Alex Majoli @Le Bal Paris.

Alex Majoli is taking us to Europe, Asia and Congo. With his photographs that seem have been dipped in silver, he has shown us instants in life in a way we could never have imagined.   Until the 28th of April. Español abajo     T    H    E       E    X …