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“Interlacing, a woven search” by Hella Jongerius @ Lafayette Anticipations Paris.

Lafayette has turned its space into a large fabric factory. Here, visitors are able to be part of the constant effort it takes to make these fabrics.   Español abajo Until 8 September 2019     This summer designer Helle Jongerius has taken over the Fondation d’Entreprise Galeries Lafayette. This project is a mixture of performative events and people…


Bernard Frize @Galerie Perrotin Paris & @Centre Pompidou Paris.

We have met with one of the most important artists of the last 40 years. His work has helped shape the language of pictorial abstraction.   Bernard Frize, a French artist, became known at the end of the 70s thanks to his layers of paint, his coating technique, the use of colours and the manipulation…

10 questions to Mexican photographer Alexa Torre.

Meet Alexa Torre a Mexican fine art photographer passionate about fine arts, beauty, fashion and showing her perspective of how she sees the world.   Español abajo   The first time I heard about Alexa was through a friend of mine from the school and her art project “Periferia Projects”. Alexa and her series of…