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10 questions to Mexican photographer Alexa Torre.

Meet Alexa Torre a Mexican fine art photographer passionate about fine arts, beauty, fashion and showing her perspective of how she sees the world.   Español abajo   The first time I heard about Alexa was through a friend of mine from the school and her art project “Periferia Projects”. Alexa and her series of…


“Tableaux 1989 – 2019” de Philippe Mayaux @Galerie Loevenbruck Paris.

In this shop of horrors is were Philippe forms his series of paintings, a shop habited by perverted trees and lonley creatures, corrupted souls and explicit objects.   01.02.2019 – 13.04.2019 Español abajo     Once again, he seems to adore what everyone hates and, exonerating himself of any concept, he is driven by a…